Walking Wapping Warm-up: Introduction

Gary doing side kneesWarming up is an important part of training, especially for over-40 folks and those of us in locations that get cold in the winter. But warm-ups tend to be dull and limited in their effectiveness for a full range of movements. (Or mini-workouts that really need warming up to do.)

Enter the Walking Wapping Warm-up. We've been doing this at StrongFast for many years, starting as a preliminary warm-up for our kickboxing or mixed martial arts training classes (hence, "wapping"). But it crosses over well for all kinds of workouts.

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Holiday Gift Lists

xmas_tree_snowWith the holiday season kicking in, some of you may be looking to bolster your last-minute list with fitness equipment. This post cannibalizes three newsletters from 2012.

The first two lists are loosely based on cost from low to high. Most items actually have a wide price range, so there can be a lot of overlap.

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