Live Long, Travel Strong: Costa Rica Edition

Whether you're retired, nearing retirement, or decades away, recreational travel should be on your mind. Exploring the world has been a time-honored tradition since...forever. While some people might prefer to see the world from a bus or deck chair, there are plenty of adventurous things to do while you travel.

Being fit opens more recreational travel opportunities. Here are some examples from a recent trip to Costa Rica.

Zip-lining is fun, but it's also easy. You don't need to be great (or even good) shape to do it. But it does involve climbing stairs. Being fit makes that part easier.

Ziplining travel in Costa Rica


There are lots of  waterfalls in Costa Rica. One of the most popular is in La Fortuna. I didn't count, but the internet says there are 400+ steps which sounds about right. Again, you don't have to be in great shape to climb them (there are a number of benches for resting on the way up), but it sure makes it easier. And faster, so you can get to the next fun activity more quickly.

La Fortuna Waterfalls in Costa Rica

La Fortuna Waterfalls

Stairs up from La Fortuna Waterfalls travel

A few of the steps on the climb out. Piece of cake.

While La Fortuna is perhaps Costa Rica's best-known waterfall, there are plenty of others worth visiting. This obscure one was an unplanned stop on the way to Monteverde. It was a rugged drive down, and then ... more steps. (Are you sensing a theme?) Unlike La Fortuna, these weren't well-maintained which offered another challenge. Again, being in shape makes the going easier and faster. You shouldn't have to suffer for your fun while on vacation. Unless you like that sort of thing.

Gary walking up from a Costa Rica travel waterfall

Heading back up...

Gary under a Costa Rica waterfall

...from this.

Another interesting activity was the Sky Adventures River Drift. It's kind of like white-water tubing. Having been whitewater rafting on the Zambezi,  I wasn't expecting much but it was fun. Not hard, but fun. Again, you don't need to be in great shape to do this, but again there were steps to climb (and more ziplining) and places where people got stuck. One spot in particular seemed to be getting everyone (including me) so I stopped there, got out, and helped folks as they came by. When yanking tubes off rocks while standing in running water, being stronger helps. No personal pics or video, but here's a clip that gives you an idea what it's like.

Another thing Costa Rica is known for is beaches, and that means waves, and for we non-surfers that means boogie boards! Being fit means:

  • Getting out faster for more rides.
  • Getting out farther for longer rides.
  • Keeping it up longer for more rides.
boogie-boarding travel in Costa Rica

Boogie boarding on the Pacific.

This is one of those activities (like wapping) that sometimes makes me think there will come a day when I won't be able to do it. That may be true. But it won't be any time soon.

Getting and staying strong and fit can help make your travels more enjoyable. If you prefer to do cruises, bus tours, and other gentler forms of travel, that's fine...whatever makes you happy. But fit people can do that too, and many more adventurous activities.

Travel strong!

Be seeing you.


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