Born to Sprint

I'm a sprinter. Not a competitive sprinter. Not a particularly good sprinter. But when I run, I usually sprint. The farthest I ever ran was 5 miles and that was one time. I'd have to look up the last time I ran a mile. Most of my running is incline sprinting on a treadmill or sprints (220 meters is my favored distance) at the track. I just like to run fast. (Fast for me anyway.)

But it was only relatively recently that it occurred to me (an epiphany?) that the preference for sprinting extends to much more than running.

On the rowing machine, I mostly do 500-meter sprints. Anything more than 1k bores me. (In addition to exhausting me, of course.)

On the indoor bike, I mostly do 20-second sprints.

And my favorite workout is, of course, wapping...which is all about short, high-intensity effort.

But another, less obvious example is lifting weights. Specifically, I like lifting heavy with fewer reps: short duration, high-intensity effort.

It seems that being "born to sprint" covers much more than only running. That might explain a few things!

Be seeing you.


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Photo by Lux Productions on Unsplash

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