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Personal fitness training for people over 40
who want to train at home to get fit and stay fit for life!

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Working out at a gym doesn't work for everybody. (Statistically, most gym memberships go unused.) But there's a great alternative: train at home! You don't need a ton (literally) of equipment.

Basement Gym
How many pieces of equipment are here? How many cats?

There are some challenges to training at home, in particular:

  • Knowing what to do and how to do it
  • Getting going and sticking with it

StrongFast Fitness can help with personal training and coaching for you to use at home including:

  • Fully individualized training programs
  • Online progress entry and monitoring
  • Daily monitoring and feedback
  • Online personal support system—not automated messages!
  • Video chats available
  • Training/coaching sessions…your place or ours!
  • Assistance with setting up your home fitness area

StrongFast uses two-week custom training blocks called "Blitzes" and a propietary online system for programs, feedback, tracking, and more.

How do I know this system works? I use it myself! Yes, all of my training is done using Blitzes and recorded in blitzometer. And almost all of my training is done at home.

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Invest in a healthy future: Get stronger now!

Age-related strength and muscle loss (sarcopenia) isn’t just a possibility…if you’re over 40, it’s probably already started. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Grunting and groaning when standing/sitting or other everyday exertions?
  • Harder to climb stairs? (Do you need to hold the handrails more?)
  • Harder to open jars? (Grip strength is often the first ability to decline.)
  • Walking more slowly and/or carefully?
  • No longer doing physical activities you used to enjoy?

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Aging, for Medicare enrollees age 65-74 more than 12% of men and 21% of women are unable to perform at least one of these physical functions:

  • Stoop/kneel
  • Reach overhead
  • Write
  • Walk 2-3 blocks
  • Lift 10 lb.

In fact, the most commonly failed measure is the ability to walk just two or three blocks. Being able to get around quickly and safely on foot is an ability we often take for granted but is a critical factor in your quality of life.

If you're well under 65, you might be wondering what this has to do with you. Getting stronger now doesn't only help you now (in many ways), it also builds a strength base that will help you as you get older.

You’ve probably already seen the effects of aging on older loved ones: difficulty standing, walking, lifting, reaching, etc. These are all very basic physical functions. At StrongFast Fitness, we specialize in helping people who want more out of life.

  • Running and jumping and dancing and playing
  • Hiking and climbing and biking and skiing
  • Lifting TVs, air conditioners, or other heavy objects
  • Carrying bags of groceries
  • Moving furniture

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