StrongFast Blended Fitness Group (BFG)

A StrongFast Blended Fitness Group combines in-person training sessions with a complete online coaching system to give you truly personal training with tremendous flexibility and support. It also lets you collaborate with three to five other like-minded people to add a social component to the program.

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About the Groups

Groups run for 12 weeks. Most of your activities are done on your own (or with another group member, if you'd like) at home, your gym, or elsewhere...your programs are set up specifically for you based on your available equipment, schedule, goals, and preferences.

You will receive private and group training sessions at StrongFast Fitness in Cheektowaga. The rest of the program is delivered online making it ideal for your busy schedule...even if you travel! Sure there's lots of value in a BFG, but if you don't have lots of time that's not a problem.

Blended Fitness Groups are for people of any fitness level. Your programs are custom-tailored to your abilities, goals, and situation. Group members can be of different fitness levels. Group activities will be scaled to each person individually.

There are two ways to participate in a BFG:

  • Join a group: Open BFGs start periodically.
  • Form a group: Get three friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. and you can have your own BFG. (Minimum four people; maximum six.)

BFGs In One Minute

What You Get

Here is some of what you get in a BFG:

  • Blitzometer account: our proprietary online system where you get your workouts, log them, track your progress, communicate with your group and coach, and much more.
  • Screens and assessments:  learning about your current fitness level is essential to providing safe and effective training recommendations so Blended Fitness always includes comprehensive screens, assessments, and questionnaires.
  • Private sessions: in-person one-on-one training for you to learn new exercises, check your form and progress, and get a great workout.
  • Group sessions: in-person training for your group where you can challenge and encourage each other in a workout with coaching to improve your form for safety and effectiveness.
  • Online private coaching calls: via online video or phone, these are scheduled one-on-one calls with your coach to review your progress, discuss how you're feeling, address any questions, and make plans for what you'll be doing next.
  • Online group coaching calls: via online video, these are calls with the group to introduce new fitness or nutrition concepts, address any questions, and discuss what you'd all like to do going forward.
  • Private Blitzes: custom training programs made just for you with new ones provided every other week.
  • Group Blitzes: extra programs just for your group where group members can communicate and make sure everyone is participating.
  • Group  challenges: group-appropriate challenges to help you all push each other to new levels of greatness.
  • Coming soon--Access to online courses: we're starting a new online learning area and any existing or new courses will be available to StrongFast Fitness clients for free.
  • Proactive support: any data, questions, or comments you enter in Blitzometer are monitored and addressed daily by your coach...and if you're not logging your activities, you'll hear about it!
  • Nutrition support: while BFGs are primarily about getting fitter, you'll also get coaching and support on nutrition, sleep, and other components of good health.

Whew! There's more, but you get the idea. It's a lot!

While you get to do most of the BFG on your own schedule, it includes plenty of planned interaction with your coach and other group members. (Sessions are in-person at StrongFast Fitness1 while chats are online.)

BFG Scheduled Interactions, by Week2

  1. Group session, Private chat
  2. Private session, Group chat
  3. Group chat
  4. Group chat
  5. Private session, Group chat
  6. Group session
  7. Group chat
  8. Group chat
  9. Private chat, Group session
  10. Group chat
  11. Group chat
  12. Private session, Group session

Some Example Groups

Example Group: Four almost retired guys
Example Group: Four middle-aged women
Example Group: High school softball teammates

How Much Does It Cost?

Sorry ... StrongFast Fitness is not accepting new clients at this time. 

Getting Started

StrongFast Blended Fitness Groups offer unparalleled flexibility, personalization, and support to get you the fitness results you need.

Ready to start your own BFG? Click the button below to get the ball rolling!

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1StrongFast Blended Fitness Groups are currently only available in the Buffalo, NY area.
2Schedule subject to change.

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