29 October 2013

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  • What's New at StrongFast?
  • Feature Video: Form Cop - Plank
  • Fitness Found Online
  • Food Label: Almond Milk

What's New at StrongFast?

Thinking of adding a Saturday morning kickboxing class for the guys. (Kind of like "AGC" for those who remember it.) If you'd be interested, drop me a line.

And we're going to try an online video training experiment and need some volunteers to participate. You'll need a reasonably fast internet connection and a camera so we can see you, but who doesn't have these things these days? You'll also need a snazzy outfit, of course. If you'd like to try it with us, let me know!

In both cases, just send a well-crafted email to

"I owe my athletic physique to my wife and clean living:
clean the car, clean the attic, clean the garage..."

Feature Video: Form Cop - Plank

The Form Cop returns, this time busting bad form on the plank.

Fitness Found Online

cigarette-buttsGut flora has been getting a lot of attention lately. Here's a study suggesting gut flora may be responsible for weight gain in smokers who quit. Apparently, when you stop poisoning it with cigarettes it processes food more efficiently. Go figure.
sleepy-catSticking with a theme, sleep loss can add to weight gain, too. Another one that shouldn't be a shocker, even though staying awake should burn more calories. Metabolism is ridiculously complex.

Food Label: Almond Milk

Almond milk is often used as an alternative to dairy for those with lactose intolerance, or in the belief that it's healthier. So let's take a look at a popular commercial brand's "Original" style.

almond-milk-labelStarting with the ingredients, we see sugar is #3. It also has carrageenan: a thickener or stabilizer with a bad rep for causing inflammation. On the nutrition facts, we see 7 grams of sugar and only 1 gram of protein, which is kind of disappointing. For comparison, dairy milk (2%) has 12 grams of sugar (lactose) and 8 grams of protein. It also has about twice the calories.

So what's the verdict? There are no-sugar-added versions that would be a better option, but even they contain the carrageenan. Making your own almond milk is the best choice (as shown last issue), but if you have problems with dairy milk, this is not a bad alternative.

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