To Be Or Not To BMI

woman pinching waistlineSomeone recently shared an article with me (What Everyone Is Afraid To Say About Obesity) that is mostly about obesity and the Body Mass Index (BMI). It slams the BMI as being clumsy and inaccurate, failing to "differentiate between fat weight and muscle weight". And it's true. (Briefly alluded to here in The Planet way back in 2012.)

But the article uses three specific examples--Shaquille O'Neal, Muhammed Ali, and Sonny Liston--who are hardly "average" people. They're all professional athletes! (And all African American males.) The article does acknowledge this with the phrase "these elite athletes" but what is the context for all of this? It's about how the results of a national program to combat obesity won't be accurately measured by the BMI.

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Warm-ups: Part 1

winter-at-marinaWith the onset of winter (it's almost here), the importance of a good warm-up before a workout increases. It's also more important for the over-40 crowd who tend to have less joint fluid and muscle elasticity.

Let's start with a one-question quiz: What is the primary purpose of a warm-up?

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Push-ups: Core and Resistance

push-ups-topPush-ups are usually considered an upper body exercise that develops the chest, shoulders, triceps, and upper back. But when done correctly, they are a very much a core exercise, too.

The top of a push-up is a "pedestal" plank which is a variation of the more popular plank done on the forearms. This makes a well-done push-up an excellent way to work the core.

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Thanksgiving Run

turkey-runningWay back in 2008, I set a goal for myself to run a 6-minute treadmill mile before the end of the year. (I've never been a big runner, so this was a good challenge.) Tweaking my knee in the summer set me back, but I kept on working the program, spending more time running at 10 mph (a 6-minute mile pace).

Then along came Thanksgiving Day, November 27th, 2008.

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