Pain, No Gain

man with shoulder pain

No that's not a typo. We've all heard, "No pain, no gain!" relating to fitness, usually strength training. But grueling workouts aren't necessary to make progress, and can be particularly counterproductive after 40. Moreover, workout "pain" is almost always a bad thing.

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Start Slow to Stay Fit

gym sittingEvery January, zillons* of people start a new fitness program and the gyms fill up. By February, most of the newbies are missing workouts and by March things are pretty much back to normal (to the relief of the regular gym-goers). It doesn't only happen at the start of each new year, although that's a reliable occurrence. It would be nice to have statistics on the median lifespan of a new fitness routine. I'm confident it would be less than 30 days.

So what goes wrong? Why do so many people quit? Often, it's a case of doing too much too soon.

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Walking Wapping Warm-up: Conclusion

rd-knee-to-groinLast time, we wrapped up the movements of the Walking Wapping Warm-up:

(By the way, the picture above doesn't have anything to do with the warm-up, although it was used in the Knees post. It's just a neat picture.)

Now, just to get some closure, here's a brief wrap-up about putting it all together.

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