15 October 2013

In this issue...

  • What's New at StrongFast?
  • Feature Video: Form Cop
  • Fitness Found Online
  • Recipe: Almond Milk

What's New at StrongFast?

Remember all the way back to last issue's article on diet? Following up on that, there's a new Blitz coming related to "frequency;" specifically, how often you eat "treats" like sweets (or sweetened foods) and unhealthy snacks. It's not about trying to cut them all out, just cutting the frequency a little bit. It's all online, it's free, it's two weeks, and you should join right now.

Form-Cop-poseThis issue marks the debut of The Form Cop video series. Be sure to save it as it will no doubt be a valuable collector's item someday! This one is only an introduction; next issue will be the first real form violation video. If you're interested in being a "bad form" model, let me know. It takes about two minutes and what it lacks in pay it more than makes up in prestige.


"Exercise: the poor person's plastic surgery."

Feature Video: Form Cop - Introduction

This is it: the much-anticipated (by me, anyway) debut of The Form Cop! Part one in the series discusses the definition and drivers of bad form. Stay tuned for lots more from the enigmatic Form Cop!


Fitness Found Online

delaware-park-pathAn entertaining video on why we need to spend more time outside. Getting some sun is just part of it. Maybe you're reading this outside on your iPod Touch. If you're inside, finish reading, then get out there!
gary-in-new-zealand-skyStaying fit doesn't just mean living longer, it means living healthier. This should come as no surprise, but it's nice to see it getting some attention. Longevity without health seems to me a waste of time.

Recipe: Almond Milk

This isn't much of a recipe, but then I'm not much of a cook. It's just almonds and water and a super-powered blender like the Vitamix. 


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