Movement Patterns

power clean with barbell

Weightlifting developed as an activity almost exclusively performed by men. And they used it primarily for developing their physiques. This led to competitive bodybuilding (and steroid use, but that's another story) and various types of physique competitions (including women's).

Because of this background, resistance training became closely associated with muscular development so it's no surprise that training plans were built around muscle groups. There are different splits that people use but some common ones include back and bis (biceps), chest and tris (triceps), shoulders, and the infamous "leg day." There are many such "training splits" in use and much debate about which is best.

But there's another approach besides training muscle groups and it's the one used by StrongFast Fitness: training movement patterns.

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Home Equipment – 3: Barbells

Our last installment discussed dumbbells. Sticking with the weights, it's on to barbells this time. In particular: straight bars.

Barbells are probably what most people think of as "weights." They're used in powerlifting and the Olympics and for all the heaviest lifts. You don't have to go heavy with a barbell but it's nice that you can. And it's so fun!

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Review: Forerunner 35

The new Forerunner 35

Last Christmas, I asked Santa for a Garmin Forerunner 35 to replace my good ol' Forerunner 305. The 305 still worked fine--I even bought a snazzy new band for it last year--but Garmin stopped supporting the software so it lost some of its usefulness.

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