Heavy Bag Training: Keeping It Simple

gary-with-heavy-bagIt's been a while since the post on getting equipped for heavy bag training. That post dealt with different types of bags, gloves, mounts, etc. Now that you're set up to do some hitting (aka "wapping"), what should you do?

It seems that most people will try to "fight" the heavy bag, throwing whatever random strikes at it that may pop into their heads (or hands). While this can be entertaining to watch, it rarely leads to a good or sustainable workout. At StrongFast Fitness, we keep most of our bag training simple.

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Heavy Bag Training For Fitness: Equipment

wawawa-kneesAs you probably know, I'm a big proponent of hitting things...aka "wapping"...as a form of training for both strength and endurance (and winning arguments). While most of the references to wapping here have been using various pads like coaching mitts, Muay Thai pads, or kicking shields, those require a willing and able partner which is not always easy to find. But there are alternatives, the most practical being a heavy bag (sometimes called a "punching bag" but that's just wrong).

There are lots of options with heavy bags--in selecting (or making) one, setting it up, and using it. In this post, we'll take a look at getting ready for bag wapping. A near-future post will discuss some ways to use it in your workout.

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