Precision Nutrition Studies

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As you may know, I have mixed feelings about Precision Nutrition (PN). On the one hand, I'm certified with them (PN1). On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of the way they run their online coaching (which differs from what they tell you in their certification manual). And while they sometimes post useful and informative articles, they sometimes write misleading ones. This post is about the latest example I've seen, and will hopefully help you with evaluating results of studies. Continue reading

Spot Reduction Is Still A Myth

Spot reduction refers to the concept of reducing fat in specific area of the body through exercise. Spot reduction claims have been around a very long time...and have remained popular despite the lack of results. It seems like it should work, right? But then, it seems like the earth is flat. ("Look! There's the edge!") So why is there still so much confusion about this?

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Know What You Eat

man chooses dairy products in the storeA healthy diet has a wide range of benefits including body composition (fat percentage), longevity (live longer), reduced likelihood of many diseases (such as diabetes), feeling better (improved mood and more energy), and more. Having a healthy diet means eating mostly healthy foods, but knowing how healthy foods are is not always so easy.

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“Cheat” Meals Are Detours

road-detour-signsWhen people adopt a (usually short-term) diet regimen, there is considerable debate as to whether to allow "cheat meals" that willfully deviate from the diet. Proponents argue that occasional splurges help people stick to their diets without significant negative effects, whilst antagonists argue that they are slippery slopes that too often lead to abandoning the diet altogether.

But a better way to consider "cheat" meals is that they are not cheating at all...they're detours.

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