What Is “Fitness”?

People talk about it all the time, but what is "fitness" anyway? The Free Dictionary defines it as:

Good health or physical condition, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.

But there's also the concept of being "fit for duty." I kind of like that: fitness as being "fit for life" as in ready to live life competently. Simply being able to live is comparatively easy in our society: eating, sleeping, breathing...muddling through each day like it's a tedious task. Being fit to live demands more than mediocrity. And that takes some effort. Is it really worth it?

Sprinting WomanImagine you could take a pill (with no side-effects) and instantly double your strength. How would that feel? What might you do differently (other than crush your enemies, of course)? Suddenly, you could run faster, jump higher, climb, lift, throw...do all kinds of activities that were previously very difficult or even impossible. But even the simple things are affected: standing up from a chair, climbing stairs, carrying the groceries, mowing the lawn...almost everything is easier. How much would you pay for a pill like that?

You know where this is going, right? Of course. There's already a way to get those results. It doesn't happen instantly, but it also doesn't cost a fortune. It takes more time and effort than pill-popping, but if you're doing it right, that time and effort can be fun!

But wait! There's more!

How about shedding excess body fat? Fitting into a pair of Jordache Jeans? (Do they still make them? Does anyone even know what I'm talking about?)
How about sleeping better at night and having more energy during the day?
And throw in improved memory and cognitive abilities as demonstrated in recent studies. Plus slowing down the aging process and helping prevent strokes, diabetes, and other diseases.

I don't even bother throwing in the one about living longer. Oh sure, fit people are statistically more likely to enjoy a longer life, but for me it's not about living longer, it's about living better. (For the spiteful, it was George Herbert who said, "Living well is the best revenge." But according to Tony Curtis, "Looking good is the best revenge." And totally unrelated, when Spock asked, "Revenge, Captain?" Kirk replied, "Why not?")

So that's what StrongFast Fitness is about. Not just being stronger and faster, but being fit for life, and having a good time getting there. And maybe, just maybe, a little bit of revenge. (Take that, high school reunion!)

So stick with us and we will cover all kinds of fitness-related topics to help make you fit for life. The only side effects? A hankering for protein, the urge to slam every medicine ball you see into the ground, and the occasional random bout of jazz hands.

Be seeing you.

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