The 3 Keys to Fat-loss Nutrition

yay-438404-woman-pinches-fatAlmost everyone who is interested in changing the way they eat is motivated by fat loss. There's nothing wrong with this, and given the state of the country (and much of the world), it's an appropriate motivation.

Changing your diet (as opposed to going on a diet) to facilitate fat loss really comes down to just three simple things:

  1. Reducing the amount you eat. (Quantity)
  2. Reducing how often you eat. (Frequency)
  3. Eating better foods. (Quality)

That's it! You don't have to do all three (although it usually helps). Some people even increase their meal frequency, but with a reduction in quantity and usually and increase in quality.

Let's take a closer look at each of these changes.

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So You Think You Want To Lose Weight?

yay-7793376-woman-with-scaleProbably the most common health/fitness objective is to "lose weight." But is that what people really want?

A quick and sure way to lose 10, 20, or more pounds is to hack off a limb. But no sane person would do that, not only because it would hurt (a lot), but it's also not the kind of weight people want to lose. Nobody's looking for "Secrets to Losing Bone" or "3 Ways to Shed Muscle...Fast!"

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Super Giant Salad Numbers

Pretty much every day I'm home, I make my Super Giant Salad for lunch. It generally weighs in at about two pounds. The picture doesn't show its unsuspected depth. Rest assured: it's big.

super giant salad

Looks delicious, right? And it is, which is why I have it most every day. (On the road, I buy one, lately from Cafe Basil.)

Recently, I was giving a spin to check it out. (It's not bad.) And the numbers on my salad were interesting, so thought I'd share:

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