Special COVID-19 Changes

The current spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) is causing massive disruptions. As of last night (16 March), area gyms are being closed indefinitely. This is forcing gym-goers to find ways to stay fit at home (which is StrongFast Fitness' specialty).

In response to these conditions, I'm temporarily making the following changes at StrongFast:

  • No in-person sessions.
  • Monthly rate reduced to $60.
  • Accept more members than usual (though still very limited).

As always, there are no long-term contracts. Once this crisis has abated, StrongFast will go back to the usual approach of using Blended Fitness at the standard rates.

Membership is still limited to people in the Buffalo, NY area.

I've posted previously on my dislike of pure online personal training (with no in-person sessions) so that will be the most difficult change for me. We'll have to rely more on online forms, chats, and video, but so it goes. Rest assured this will still be personal training with all custom programs (updated every two weeks) and daily monitoring. (That's why the number of members is strictly limited. It's not just me being lazy. Although there's that, too.)

There are plenty of free or cheap options to help keep you fit at home so if those work for you then great! If you'd like something much more personalized with regular monitoring of your entries including praise, encouragement, or nagging as needed (all by a person...the system uses no automated, generic feedback messages), then maybe this is for you.

Check out the rest of the site, especially the blog, to see how things work at StrongFast. Go here to find out how to get started.

Stay healthy out there!

Be seeing you.


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